Simple Sabermetrics Team Update!

In this week's post we take a quick break from the action to give you a quick update on some major life news for each of the 3 contributors to this blog.

The contributors of this blog have been doing an incredible job providing insights to many different areas of the game. The impact that this perspective has had on the success of the posts is evident. Not only are Adam, Demetre and Sam doing great things on the Simple Sabermetrics site - they’ve also been kicking butt out in the real world too.

All 3 of these guys have accepted a new role since the beginning of this blog last fall, so I thought this week it’d be a great opportunity to let them share a little bit about what they’re doing in their new roles!

Adam Schuck (@Adamschuck44)

After two internship stints with the Mariners and Orioles, I will be beginning the 2021 season as a Minor League Development Coach within the Orioles organization. In line with what we talk about here on the channel, my responsibilities will be focused on the utilization of Trackman, Blast, and other pieces of player development technology available today to create the most informed developmental goals for our athletes related to their hitting, pitching, defense and even baserunning. The opportunities that exist in today’s game are expanding exponentially and I’m very fortunate to start up with a great organization after a few great years at Iowa.

There are a lot of great people here in Baltimore and I’m looking forward to refining my knowledge base to better share with you the intricacies of the game we all know and love!

Demetre Kokoris (@CoachKokoris)

After two seasons serving as the pitching coach for the Short Season A Vancouver Canadians, I will begin my first season as the rehab pitching coach with the Toronto Blue Jays. Some of my responsibilities will be gathering past metrics (workloads, pitching data. etc.), assisting with future workload development and communication, tracking data from an analytics pitching perspective in collaboration with the High Performance Department, and assisting with player development from both a mechanical and pitch development side.

Sam Bornstein (@Sam__Bornstein)

At this time Sam cannot share what his new title is, but I can tell you that this guy is going to be doing some pretty cool things with some pretty cool people. Give him a follow on Twitter (if you don’t already) for the big reveal soon!

And I’m still here at Penn State looking to get my first complete season on the books with opening day just a week away. The group here is continuing to get after it as we get closer to the start of baseball season. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to share the things we are learning with all of you. We will see you in the next one!

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