The long awaited return of the Simple Sabermetrics blog is finally HERE. This post covers new content, new faces, and everything you can expect to see over the next few months on our page!

After a quiet few months on this page, the Simple Sabermetrics blog is finally back – and I’m incredibly excited about it. To be able to continue to provide some of the best educational information on the changes going on in baseball really fires me up.

In the coming weeks you will see tons of new awesome content building off of all of the information you read in previous blog posts and watched over on the YouTube channel. Today’s post serves as an introduction to the new topics we will be covering, as well as a chance to meet the new faces that will be contributing in Season 2 of the Simple Sabermetrics Blog.

To begin with, let’s first introduce the two new faces you’ll be seeing on the site – Ryan Gorman and Jake Kuruc. Both of which are incredibly intelligent, hardworking individuals with tons of experience in the game. Give them a friendly SS Welcome:

Ryan Gorman, Graduate Assistant - Mississippi State Baseball

Ryan served with me as a Student Manager back at the University of Iowa, but since then he has gotten tons of experience working all over the country. From serving time as a Clubhouse Manager for a collegiate summer league team in California to another summer spent at P3, he’s done it all. Ryan recently accepted a position as a graduate assistant for this year's CWS Champions – Mississippi State. So when I tell you this guy is legit, I mean it!

Jake Kuruc, Affiliate Development Intern – Seattle Mariners

Jake Kuruc was the Head Student Manager at Penn State the year I started with the program. To say that this guy helped me make a smooth transition here is an understatement. His work and dedication to the game made a huge impact on our team, and led to an awesome internship opportunity with the Mariners this summer. He’s going to do big things in the game, and will be yet another great resource for you all to learn from.

As you can tell, we kind of have a thing for student managers on this site – and there is a reason for that. In my opinion there is no better way to get into baseball right now than to start working as a volunteer for your college or university's team. Without having a playing background, we must put in that much more work to have success in this industry. Because of that, we are forced to learn everything from the ground up – which makes us excellent educators.

Like I said earlier, I’m stoked for the revamp of the blog. For Season 2, we will have 16 straight weeks of posts from a few new faces, Ryan and Jake, and also a few old faces, Sam and myself. And don’t worry, you’ll see more from Adam and Demetre in months to come.

A few topics that you will see popping up on this site over the next few months include:

  • Each new member sharing their experience to get to where they are today
  • Tips for getting a job in baseball
  • More in-depth analytical breakdowns of advanced metrics
  • Applications of everyday uses for data
  • And much much more!

The Simple Sabermetrics blog is home to the best introductory baseball analytics content that you can find on the internet. With the addition of a few new members, I’m sure that you all are going to continue to find this as an excellent resource on your journey to make a name for yourself in this sport. Hope you enjoy it, we will see you next week.

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