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Welcome to the blog - I'm excited to kick off this new platform to share me, and my colleagues, experiences with all of you. In this post we will cover what the blog is all about, introduce you to the new contributors, and a whole lot more.

Welcome to the Simple Sabermetrics Blog. You've probably found yourself here after getting lost in countless hours of online research on the changes going on in baseball's player development sector. As the game continues to change, you must too. But that's why you're here.

Simple Sabermetrics was created to be a resource for ANYBODY who is interested in getting into baseball. I was fortunate enough to not only have access to some of the game's latest technology at a relatively young age, but I was also surrounded by some great minds who were constantly looking to move the needle forward.

The YouTube channel became my way to share some of my experience with all of you. The Simple Sabermetrics channel doesn't give you all the answers - it never will - but it is a place for you to get started no matter your age, current occupation, or previous experience.

The people who gravitate toward Simple Sabermetrics, for the most part, are people who are interested in learning. That thirst for knowledge is incredibly important in this industry. Simple Sabermetrics isn't for the casual fan, it's for people looking to change the game.

Thus, the blog was born. Each YouTube video posted covers one specific topic in-depth that I find to be important in building a foundation of knowledge. The blog will then be a place to take those topics we've discussed a step further. We will dive into things that will help you, and others who are thirsty for more, continue to grow and develop.

Here is just a few examples of some of the topics to look forward to in the future:

  • How to Collect & Analyze Data
  • Specific Pitch Design Examples
  • Best Practices When Implementing Data
  • Technology Breakdowns
  • Personal projects or theories
  • Book recommendations and recaps

And many, many more.

I mentioned earlier that there will be some other contributors helping me out with this project - for the first time ever Simple Sabermetrics will not just be me (the voice behind the Youtube videos). So now is probably a good time for me to introduce you to them:

Adam Schuck, MiLB Tech Coordinator

Adam is one of the hardest working people I know - I've spent many hours chatting with him about how we can continue to not only advance our own careers, but the game of baseball in general. His work will reflect best practices in translating data and be specifically focused on the pitching side.

Sam Bornstein, Data Analyst

Sam and I met as student managers at the University of Iowa. He is one of the best self-taught coders I know and I'm excited for what he brings to this group. Sam will mostly be focused on sharing his expertise in coding with you.

Demetre Kokoris, MiLB Pitching Coach

Demetre is another past student manager, but this guy has been in baseball longer than the other 2 contributors and myself combined. He's seen the game change throughout his career and will provide invaluable lessons on the practical applications of data driven baseball on the field.

Through all of our collective experience, I know that we will be able to provide you with the best up-to-date information about what is going on at all levels of the game today.

So, if you're interested in taking your baseball education to the next level, make sure to tune in weekly to the new blog. There will be a new post here every Friday in addition to the weekly videos over on the YouTube channel. See ya next week.

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