A Look Back on Season 2 of the SS Blog

No, we're not done yet. You can expect 3 more posts this season from Ryan, Sam and Jake Kuruc. Today's post is more of a recap of the great things that have been accomplished this season, as well as a look towards the future of what's to come in Season 3.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are reaching the end of Season 2 of the Simple Sabermetrics blog. With one post each from Sam, Ryan and Jake Kuruc left, we will be taking some time off of posting here after our final post goes live at the end of this month.

Taking time off posting weekly allows us to review what has been working here, while also giving us some time to plan for the future. Just this season alone on the blog we’ve had thousands of new readers from all over the world tune in! The USA was the biggest contributor here (no surprise) but we had some decent viewership from Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and the Dominican Republic as well! So thanks for tuning in where ever you may be!

There was a lot of good this season, but my personal favorite blogs from this season include:

Spin Efficiency, More than Just a Number (Part 2) – Adam Schuck

This post is a follow up to an interesting question that got brought up during one of our team Zoom’s - does a pitch’s spin efficiency change on its way to the plate? Adam took matters into his own hands as he showed off not only the results of what he found, but the process as well. If you haven’t given this one a read yet, be sure to check it out!

How To Build An Elite Pitcher Scouting Report – Jake Kuruc

Jake’s a new addition to the blog this season, and he’s done a great job introducing some of the behind the scenes work that NEEDS to get done in order for data driven teams to succeed. His insight from collegiate and professional baseball scouting got poured into this article. Expect a follow up on Hitter reports in the near future!

The Value of Being a Data Driven Program – Ryan Gorman

Ryan has been around the game within many different organizations, each using data to varying degrees. This post dives into the fundamentals of WHY utilizing data is important for teams to get ahead. That means more than just investing in the technology, it’s how you apply it. Take a look at Ryan’s introduction to how data can benefit any program.

Pitcher Breakdown – Logan Webb’s Fastballs – Sam Bornstein

Finally we have Sam’s pitcher breakdown of Logan Webb (man this guy has been lights out this year!) In this post, Sam strayed away from his typical introduction to coding posts and shares with you all an example of how you can actually apply the techniques he’s been teaching you into a player analysis.

All in all, I’ve had a ton of fun revamping the blog this season – but I’m even more excited for what is to come in Season 3. Now that we move into the MLB’s offseason you can expect Adam and Demetre to return as blog contributors (don’t worry Jake and Ryan are also here to stay too).

This break will be short, you can expect the blog up and running either December 2021 or January 2022. So in the meantime, let us know what posts have been your favorites so we can be sure to continue pushing out content that you all enjoy. Thank you for all of the great feedback as always! Enjoy the final 3 posts of this season from Ryan, Sam and Jake!

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